Jamp Clothing is a supplier of finished garments, offering its customers a high quality service at competitive prices. With the idea provided by our customers as basis, we look for the best manufacturer for each individual product and, if necessary, we outsource the logistics service to make sure the products reach their destiny in a timely manner. We take care of the labeling, with a broad range of options to chose from, and we can also manage the communications, so that our customers can enjoy a comprehensive service.


Jamp Clothing

In JAMP CLOTHING we customize our service for each client, offering always the best options suited to meet needs. We all know how essential is to respect the deadlines so we always do our best to guarantee our customers get the finished products in their warehouse on time and in a correct way. In addition, our prices are highly competitive and we offer an exquisite service to each of our customers. Our goal is to deliver always a work well done which warranty our customers satisfaction and peace of mind.

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